Rêves brisés en Chine

Voici 2 clips fascinants de la situation en Chine

AlJazeera . Despite the country’s rapid economic growth, many young Chinese are growing disillusioned as they struggle to find jobs

AlJazeera . Is China’s $6 trillion economy on a bubble?

Economists hope China’s continued growth (which contributed to nearly a quarter of all global economic growth in 2011) will help pull struggling EU countries out of the current economic crisis and save the U.S. from a potential double-dip recession.

But behind the decades-long boom in China, there are signs of fundamental market weakness that suggest a downturn could be just around the corner. Much like the U.S. in 2008, many Chinese banks are overleveraged and their debts are obscured by elaborately repackaged securities and other questionable financial products.


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