L’implosion de la société américaine

La société américaine est la source des idées de droite néo-libérales. Voici le résultat, après 30 ans d’application :

Salon.  When ranked up against 20 of the richest, most developed countries in the world, the United States fares abysmally. Our life expectancy at birth is lowest and our infant mortality rate is highest — and yet our per capita healthcare expenditures top the charts. We have the worst income inequality — the top 1 percent gobble up by far the biggest chunk of overall income — and we also have one of the worst rankings for inter-generational mobility. Perhaps most disturbing, on most of these metrics, over the past three decades, the U.S. has generally been moving in the wrong direction. So not only are the rich getting richer, but our chances of moving from poor to rich are worsening.

These distressing facts occupy the heart of a major new liberal manifesto for rebuilding the U.S. economy released earlier this week: “Prosperity Economics: Building an Economics for All.” They provide the explicit rationale for why things have to change, why the course of economic policy over the last three decades must shift. As the manifesto points out, America’s report cards have gotten steadily worse during a period in which, by and large, government economic policy has favored lowering taxes, cutting regulations on business, and undermining the power of organized labor. One of the most compelling parts of the report is its demonstration of how the “austerity” policies currently in vogue are exactly the wrong prescription for a country struggling with slow economic growth and high unemployment. Instead of curing our woes, we’re compounding them.


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