L’hiver russe?

Telegraph. LeDevoir .

Tens of thousands of anti-Kremlin protestors are expected to take to the streets of Moscow on Saturday in the biggest demonstration of its kind since Vladimir Putin came to power more than ten years ago.

Moscou – Plusieurs dizaines de milliers de manifestants se sont rassemblés aujourd’hui dans le centre de Moscou pour dénoncer les fraudes, massives selon l’opposition, perpétrées lors des élections législatives du 4 décembre remportées par le parti de Vladimir Poutine, Russie Unie.

Economist .

The cracks appear

Vladimir Putin should clean up the Kremlin and modernise the economy—for Russia’s sake and for his own

RUSSIA’S elections are not intended to produce surprises, just as its streets are not meant to heave with protesters and its political leaders are not supposed to be publicly booed. The country’s “managed democracy”, with the media muzzled, only tame opposition candidates allowed and widespread vote-rigging, is designed to hand big victories to Vladimir Putin and his United Russia party. Yet the Duma election on December 4th produced an upset: United Russia’s share of the vote fell from 64% to under 50%, giving it only a slim majority. Even more remarkably, demonstrators took to the streets in the biggest protests Russia has seen in years, chanting “Russia without Putin” before troops poured in to stop them (see article). Smaller protests took place in other cities. Now some 17,000 people have signed up for a protest on December 10th in Revolutionary Square, Moscow’s main public space. The government has asked them to find a different location.

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