Tueries en Syrie

CyberPresse . Les troupes syriennes appuyées par des chars et des blindés sont intervenues lundi à Deraa afin de mater la contestation contre le régime née dans cette ville du sud du pays, faisant au moins 25 morts, selon des militants des droits de l’Homme.

Economist . AS DARKNESS fell over Damascus on Friday night, the death toll was still soaring. In the bloodiest day of protests in Syria yet, security forces killed at least 72 people, probably more. Human-rights groups say they have 90 names of people, including several children, shot dead. At least nine more were killed at funerals on Saturday in what witnesses said was a bout indiscriminate and unprovoked shooting.

Friday’s violence and protests marked a watershed for protesters and the regime of embattled president Bashar Assad. On Thursday he made the biggest reforms yet. He lifted the decades-old emergency law, abolished the state security court and brought in a law allowing peaceful protests. At the same time, security has been tightened and army checkpoints set up on roads to Damascus in an effort to quell unrest.

Thousands took to the streets in cities and villages across the country nonetheless. Protests broke out across the suburbs of Damascus, including in Sayyida Zeinab, a mainly Shia area. In response, the regime sent out its security forces and military police, the shabiha, a thuggish Alawite gang, and pro-government bruisers. Twenty-two died in Homs, Syria’s third largest city. At least 20 were shot dead in Ezraa, a small southern town home to Syria’s oldest active churches.

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