Le chaos continue

Economist . CURFEW hours are getting shorter in Cairo. As of Monday they were only between 8pm and 6am. But the night still belongs to the men who proudly defend their neighbourhood as part of neighbourhood-watch type committees, even though the looting and violence of last week has largely subsided. Banks are re-opening, but with restrictions on how much cash can be withdrawn and shorter working hours. Cairo’s traffic is being re-directed around its barricaded hub in Tahrir Square, where lots of protesters remain, slowed down by many checkpoints, but this is a city long-used to traffic jams. Most schools remain closed, but even so something close to normalcy is beginning to return. Egypt is stuck in a not-quite-revolutionary limbo, and a fog has set over its political horizon.

CourrierIntern . Interview de Mohamed El-Baradei, figure emblématique de l’opposition égyptienne.


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