2010: les 6 mois les plus chauds depuis que l’on mesure

Pakistan, Russie, Chine, Cote est de l’Amérique du Nord…  Évidemment il y en a encore qui doutent …!!!!!

Nasa Okay, you get it. It’s hot. Perhaps I’ve been ticked off by one too many ‘global cooling’ myth purveyors, but here it is — another story about how hot it is this summer, and this year in general. NASA has released another report showing that from Jan. to July, 2010 is still the hottest year ever recorded. Last July was in a three-way tie for the hottest of that month ever recorded. And yes, while it’s still a bit uncertain, all signs seem to point to 2010 being the hottest year ever.

Here’s more from NASA, which released the info in an article aptly titled ‘What Global Warming Looks Like’:


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