Où allons-nous?

Voici un papier qui traite des dilemmes que j’ai, (comme la plupart des êtres intelligents et bien renseignés j’imagine). C’est probablement pour répondre à ces questions que j’ai commencé ce blog il y a maintenant près de 4 ans… Ce texte est plutôt long mais je crois qu’il pose les bonnes questions…


AlterNet SUMMARY: We are a lost people. Here in the frantic, waning days of industrial civilization, we have almost completely lost our bearings. We no longer know who we are, what we are, when we are, where we are, or why we are. And as we prepare to embark on a harrowing descent from our civilization’s peak, it would behoove us to find an honest, reality-based frame of reference. So c’mon everybody — let’s get out our navigation equipment. It’s time we ‘found’ ourselves!

NOTE: This essay is a follow-up to my short story, ‘The Lost Civilization: A Dream’, posted at www.energybulletin.net/53103. The story ends, chillingly, with the line, “As a dull axe slams repeatedly into the back of my neck, we begin our descent.” …Yikes.


We are a lost people. I think most of us feel it on some level, even if we can’t quite pin it down. We no longer know who we are, what we are, when we are, where we are, or why we are. We are adrift on a plane of unreality that we have fashioned ourselves. And we have tragically disabled almost all means by which any true reality can be honestly observed.

The reality we can no longer detect is, of course, as complex as it is increasingly grim: (1) our well-advanced moral and physical degradation, (2) the anti-evolutionary state of our physical and social existence, (3) the late-stage temporal coordinates of our civilization, (4) the alarming and accelerating dilapidation of our biosphere coupled with a deep disconnect from the natural world around us, and (5) the profound loss of any larger purpose for our lives beyond perpetuating economic ‘growth.’

And our ‘lostness’ was, of course, arrived at purposefully. We have been shepherded here, and have arrived here without complaint – even enthusiastically. That we have come willingly, for the most part, does not lessen the evil of those who guided us here. It merely makes us complicit. We are both the victims and co-perpetrators of our downfall.


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