L’or: le dernier refuge

Le dernier refuge financier est certainement l’or. Il est certain qu’à court ou moyen terme nous verrons une méga inflation. C’est à ce moment que ceux qui ont des réserves d’or pourront sourire…

[NewsWeek] A hundred-ounce gold bar, when you hold it in your hand, is surprisingly small and even more surprisingly heavy. It’s somewhat longer and fatter than a Hershey bar, but it weighs six-plus pounds—as much as your old calculus textbook. Its color is unforgettable. Pure gold is gold. It’s not like your wedding ring or your grandmother’s bracelet. It’s a deep, dense yellow, the way the ocean is deep blue, and it sparkles. You can understand at last why the Bible says the streets of heaven are paved with it.

On the day I held the gold bar in my hand, it was worth nearly $100,000. My companion—an established, accomplished, affluent businessman of retirement age—had bought it as a hedge against the sinking Dow and his fear that Obama‘s stimulus package will inevitably trigger wild inflation. We had picked it up in the basement of an HSBC bank branch in midtown Manhattan. When I handed it back to him, he put it in his briefcase. We went upstairs, past guards, through metal doors. Out on the street, we said goodbye and I watched him go, a tall, thin man carrying a $100,000 briefcase. He doesn’t want me to tell you his name—or, really, anything about him—because he’s keeping the gold in a safe in his basement. His friends, he says, are doing the same thing. « There is an increase in the number of wise, reasonable, well-read, well-intentioned people who are buying some gold and putting it aside, » says Dennis Gartman, editor of The Gartman Letter, a daily analysis of financial news.

[NYTimes] Que faire des grandes banques US?  Même les républicains acceptent d’en laisser mourir 2 ou 3!!! Cà va faire mal je crois!


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