Le pire est à venir

Ces 5 économistes ont vus venir la crise depuis 3-5 ans. Finalement, ce sont  les seuls qui sont crédibles… Voici ce qu’ils ont à dire aujourd’hui:

[FP] The Worst Is Yet to Come

Roubini: Last year’s worst-case scenarios came true. The global financial pandemic that I and others had warned about is now upon us. But we are still only in the early stages of this crisis. My predictions for the coming year, unfortunately, are even more dire: The bubbles, and there were many, have only begun to burst.

Baker: In short, beware the happy talk from those who say we are “turning the corner,” ignore the daily ups and downs of the market, and tighten your belts. This is going to hurt.

Roach: Before the year is over, no major region of the world will remain unscathed by recession. Indeed, I suspect that 2009 will go down in history as the first truly global recession of the modern economy.

[NYT] Krugman: Who Will Stop the Economic Pain?


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