Seconde guerre froide?

[AlJazeera] Recent events have seen Russian tanks in Georgia, American banks in turmoil and international capitalism buckling, all meaning that the global geo-political landscape is once more in flux.

In a spcial programme Al Jazeera’s senior political analyst, Marwan Bishara, examines the impact of recent events on US-Russian affairs and asks if the world once again could be caught between two opposing superpowers.

The US has been critical of Russia’s actions in Georgia, and, made strategic moves to curb the increasing influence over Central Asian oil and gas resources of its one-time nemesis.

With Nato subsuming former Soviet states into its expanding fold, Russia is seeking to establish re-negotiated lines of security.

[MotherJones] Bush’s Global War on Terror is a very expensive fraud. When it comes to national security strategy, the next administration will need to do better.


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