Pakistan: prochain nid de guêpes

Musharaf a prit le pouvoir en 1999 par un coup d’état. En 2001 il a été coincé par le 11 septembre. Il a du se plier aux demandes des US. De là sa chute.. Ca a pris 7 ans.

[Economist] … He wants to live honourably in Pakistan, in a mansion he is building outside Islamabad. The PPP’s leader, Asif Zardari, the widower of the party’s murdered former leader, Benazir Bhutto, could tolerate this. But Mr Sharif, who was no stickler for the rule of law during his own two riotous terms, says the coupster must be punished. “I have no vendetta,” he explained, seated in his opulent mansion near Lahore, guarded by two stuffed lions. “Though he handcuffed me, humiliated my family, tried to destroy my party, put me in a dungeon in a 500-year-old fort, put me in exile for seven years; that is all gone. I hold nothing against him personally.” For now, Mr Musharraf seems safe from prosecution. But he may yet quit Pakistan for a spell.


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