L’importance de l’eau

Certainement que tout ce qui est vivant a un besoin absolu d’eau propre pour survivre… Mais encore?

Combien d’eau utilisons-nous? Waterfootprint.org

Oui c’est vrai que l’eau est une ressource renouvelable. Mais attention, ceci n’en fait pas moins une ressource très précieuse. De plus ce renouvelable est très relatif… Les contaminations chimiques/organiques font en sorte que nos nappes phréatiques se contaminent lentement mais surement. Nous permettons un processus qui détruit nos moyens de subsistances primaires.

[economistSO WORLD markets are short of oil, and supplies of food are running thin. The prices of all sorts of basic commodities are soaring, and now there may also be reason for many to worry about the most fundamental of necessities—water. Some experts believe so, at least, and they are spreading doom-laden warnings of a Malthusian crisis in the world’s water supply.

Goldman Sachs, an investment bank which likes to ponder the future of the world, recently suggested that a global lack of water could prove to be a bigger threat to mankind than rising food prices or the depletion of energy resources. Sir Nicholas Stern, who reviewed the economics of climate change in a big report for the British government in 2006, is worried too. He points to some big local problems, for example in the Himalayas, where melting glaciers risk disrupting supplies of usable water in the region, just as many underground aquifers are drying up. He argues that water—at least the fresh sort—is not a renewable resource, and because it is not priced properly it has been “mined” without restraint.


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