Le mid-west américain sous l’eau: 5 millions d’acres perdus

[Raw] « Estimates show 3 million acres of corn under water and probably 2 million didn’t get planted. So that gets you up to 5 million or over 700 million bushels, and that takes out the entire carry-out, » he said, referring to estimates for grain stocks carried over to the next crop year.

[NYTimes] On Monday in Cedar Rapids — where the Cedar River crested at 31 feet on Friday — flood waters pulled back and thousands of worried home owners lined up at checkpoints, hoping to return to their properties. But dangerous conditions caused by gas leaks, downed power lines, spilled sewage and the stagnant waters led safety officials to continue blocking people from returning home.

Qu’y a t’il dans cette eau?

[AP]  OAKVILLE, Iowa – The floodwaters that deluged much of Iowa have done more than knock out drinking water and destroy homes. They have also spread a noxious brew of sewage, farm chemicals and fuel that could sicken anyone who wades in.

On Monday, Bob Lanz used a 22-foot aluminum flatboat to navigate through downtown Oakville, where water reeked of pig feces and diesel fuel.

« You can hardly stand it, » Lanz said as he surveyed what remained of his family’s hog farm. « It’s strong. »

LeRoy Lippert, chairman of emergency management and homeland security in nearby Des Moines County, warned people to avoid the floodwaters: « If you drink this water and live, tell me about it. You have no idea. It is very, very wise to stay out of it. It’s as dangerous as anything. »

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