Énergie: Dossier spécial

[MotherJones] Spécial énergies

Almost four years ago, when oil was trading at around $40 a barrel, Paul Roberts wrote a story for Mother Jones on a bleak scenario gaining currency among energy insiders, but not yet in the mainstream consciousness: peak oil, basically the notion that the world’s petroleum resources are nearing exhaustion. If the theory held true, Roberts warned, oil prices could soon leap to « perhaps as high as $100 per barrel—a disaster if we don’t have a cost-effective alternative fuel or technology in place. »

Welcome to the disaster: $100-a-barrel oil is in the rearview mirror, and no cost-effective (or even cost-prohibitive) alternative has emerged. The most dire consequences of this failing—hurricanes, drought, extinction—are occurring far more rapidly than even Slideshow Al could have predicted four years ago. And then there’s the war.


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