Émeutes face aux prix de la nourriture

[BBC] Nevertheless, she says some Egyptians may be tempted to express their anger about the increased hardship, which has seen queues in front of bakeries selling subsidised bread and most families struggling to meet their basic needs.

The Egyptian government has promised to increase salaries and has extended its food subsidy programme to include an additional 15 million people.

More than a third of Egyptians live below or just above the poverty line of $2 (£1) a day.

[Guardian] A global rice shortage that has seen prices of one of the world’s most important staple foods increase by 50 per cent in the past two weeks alone is triggering an international crisis, with countries banning export and threatening serious punishment for hoarders.

With rice stocks at their lowest for 30 years, prices of the grain rose more than 10 per cent on Friday to record highs and are expected to soar further in the coming months. Already China, India, Egypt, Vietnam and Cambodia have imposed tariffs or export bans, as it has become clear that world production of rice this year will decline in real terms by 3.5 per cent. The impact will be felt most keenly by the world’s poorest populations, who have become increasingly dependent on the crop as the prices of other grains have become too costly.

[R-C] Après avoir atteint la capitale Port-au-Prince lundi, les manifestations contre la hausse spectaculaire du prix des denrées de première nécessité n’ont pas cessé de prendre de l’envergure en Haïti.

[Reuters] Un dossier complet sur l’agflation

[CourierIntern] Manger à quel prix ?


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