Économie: la crise qui n’en finit plus de commencer!

Des papiers intéressants sur cette crise économique qui n’en finit plus de commencer!

Try, try, trying again to solve the credit crunch

[Economist] THIRD time lucky? The credit markets almost seized up in August, December and again this month and on each occasion the Federal Reserve has led a rescue attempt. Ben Bernanke’s latest effort led to a bout of euphoria on Wall Street, with the S&P 500 index managing its biggest one-day increase in over five years on Tuesday March 11th. The trouble is, every time the Fed has doused the flames somewhere in the credit markets, they have flared up somewhere else soon afterwards. Owing to the unusually complex nature of this crisis, that may well happen again. […]

[Bloomberg] Dollar Trades at Record Low Versus Euro as Fed Plan Disappoints
By Ye Xie

March 13 (Bloomberg) — The dollar traded at a record low against the euro as firms from Citigroup Inc. to Goldman Sachs Group Inc. said the Federal Reserve’s plan to inject $200 billion into the banking system may fail to break the freeze in money-market lending.

[BBC] Bear Stearns gets emergency funds

[BBC] Sub primes exliqués

[Reuters] Economy, banking locked in vicious cycle: James Saft


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