Inflation alimentaire: ca se confirme

[Guardian] How much is a pint of milk? How much a half-dozen eggs? If you don’t know you probably were pretty unexcited by last week’s stories about soaring food inflation, here and round the world. Be honest, did you notice? « Food prices rise at record rate, » was the splash in the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday; you had to wonder how bothered that paper’s readers are about 10p on a pint of milk – or even £750 on the average family’s annual shopping bill.

So how much is a pint of milk? You’d be amazed how many people get the price of a pint wrong by 50% or more. The entire staff of Edinburgh’s Habitat. All but one of the mums I saw from my son’s (definitely middle-class) school. Every single male I spoke to on Wednesday and Thursday last week. But, at Lidl in Leith, all the women shoppers knew that milk and eggs were up a good 15-20% on last year – and their overall shopping bills by at least 10%. And they were worried.

[N-Y Times] A New, Global Oil Quandary: Costly Fuel Means Costly Calories



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