La destruction de la demande: on est rendu là…

Les pays pauvres ne peuvent plus se payer le prix du pétrole pour leurs matériels motorisés. Les pays riches produisent des bio-carburants.

[BBC] The soaring cost of food is threatening millions of people in poor countries, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has warned.

..Food prices have risen an unprecedented 40% in the last year and many nations may be unable to cope, the agency says.

The increases are partly due to droughts and floods linked to climate change, as well as rising oil prices boosting demand for bio-fuels, the FAO said.

Corn’s key role as food and fuel

[BBC] The price of food is on the rise. On the Chicago markets, the price of a bushel of wheat has gone over $10 for the first time. Soybeans are at a 34-year high. And corn is hitting new highs as well.

« It’s causing the price of corn to go up and that affects both corn prices and other food prices in the United States. But affecting them in the United States is the same thing as affecting them globally. »


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