Économie: ca se détériore

[CyberPresse] La descente aux enfer du dollarsUS et les Canadiens retirent leurs argents des fonds communs

[Ledevoir] Premier recul des ventes de fonds d’investissement en trois ans

[AlterNet] Ici on a l’onde de choc… De quoi ca a l’air aux US?

[Bloomberg] The dollar fell to a record low against the euro after the Federal Reserve cut its benchmark interest rate by a half-percentage point to 4.75 percent, the first reduction since 2003.

The Dollar Index against six other major currencies sank to the lowest since September 1992 after the Fed lowered its target rate for overnight loans between banks by the most since November 2002 on concern that the worst housing slump in 16 years and increased borrowing costs for companies may threaten economic growth. Most analysts predicted only a quarter-point cut.

[Bloomberg] The world economy « is probably at its scariest point since the Depression » as fallout from the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis crimps access to credit, said Ethan Penner, a pioneer of the $600 billion commercial mortgage-backed securities market in the early 1990s.

« We’re probably at the closest point to a big meltdown, a depression-type meltdown than we have been in our lives, » said Penner, 46, now a principal at real estate fund management firm Lubert-Adler Partners LP in Philadelphia, during a speech at a Real Estate Media Inc. conference in New York.

[CyberPresse] Le huard dépassera le billet vert sous peu…


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