Des nouvelles de Mike Ruppert

Selon Mike, le temps est venu de se préparer! C’est mon analyse également. Le seul inconnu est la vitesse du déclin… 5 ans? 10 ans? 25 ans?

[FTW_blog] Get ready.

My health is fully restored (even improved). I have recently come into an inheritance after a two and a half year struggle. About 75% of all of FTW’s debts (and mine) are paid in full. The rest will be taken care of soon; including refunds to all FTW subscribers and customers who paid for things they never received. Within the last month, myattorney and I have been to Los Angeles and Ashland.

Ashland proved to be a very loving homecoming.

In Ashland we had an excellent meeting with a detective and intell anylast from the Ashland Police Department. I canot say much except that there’s a real possibility that one or more people are going to go to jail over the burglary of June 06. There’s a lot more coming on that front.

As for me, Jenna and I are moving to Oregon within the year and we are taking our own advice.

Get ready.



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