Le monde aujourd’hui

Voici 4 papiers de journalistes indépendants américains. Stan Goff, Dave Lindorff, Patrick Cockburn et Paul Craig Roberts sur l’état du monde aujourd’hui et ce qui nous attends d’ici la fin de l’année: retrait US de l’Iraq? Attaque US et d’Israel contre l’Iran? Crash économique?

Si une attaque US contre l’Iran vous semble impossible, regardez ceci… Fox prépare l’opinion publique américaine exactement comme il l’a fait pour l’Iraq en 2002! Il y a eu une histoire cette semaine où l’armée américaine a avouée que des armes nucléaires ont été déplacée sur le territoire US par des B-52. Lisez ici la raison possible de ce transfert…

[Reuters] De plus la tension monte au Proche-Orient! La Syrie affirme qu’Israel a bombardée son territoire!

[RawStory] The United States has the capacity for and may be prepared to launch without warning a massive assault on Iranian uranium enrichment facilities, as well as government buildings and infrastructure, using long-range bombers and missiles, according to a new analysis.

[CounterpunchWeigh it all up, and you’d be foolish to bet that an attack on Iran won’t happen. I knew Noam Chomsky used to be dubious about the likelihood of a U.S. attack and emailed him last week to ask if he is still of that opinion. Here’s his answer.

Yes, I was quite sceptical. Less so over the years. They’re desperate. Everything they touch is in ruins. They’re even in danger of losing control over Middle Eastern oil — to China, the topic that’s rarely discussed but is on every planner or corporation exec’s mind, if they’re sane. Iran already has observer status at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization — from which the US was pointedly excluded. Chinese trade with Saudi Arabia, even military sales, is growing fast. With the Bush administration in danger of losing Shiite Iraq, where most of the oil is (and most Saudi oil in regions with a harshly oppressed Shiite population), they may be in real trouble.

Under these circumstances, they’re unpredictable. They might go for broke, and hope they can salvage something from the wreckage. If they do bomb, I suspect it will be accompanied by a ground assault in Khuzestan, near the Gulf, where the oil is (and an Arab population — there already is an Ahwazi liberation front, probably organized by the CIA, which the US can « defend » from the evil Persians), and then they can bomb the rest of the country to rubble. And show who’s boss.

The peace movement had better pull itself together, remembering that should the bombs start to fall on Tehran, most of the Democrats in Congress will be on their feet, cheering.


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