Où sont les abeilles?

Le mystère de la disparition des abeilles n’est toujours pas résolu! [Modernitudes]

[DailyKos] However, in Germany where they still teach science they published an article about the toxic nature of Monsantos Triple Hybrid GM corn and it’s effect on bees in ’05. Why won’t the media here mention that GM corn is the likely cause of the bees disapearing? Could it be that Monsanto is a massive multinational corp with a market capitalization of 30 billion dollars?? Of course insects are seen as pests by most people. Most people who passed Earth Science class in highschool understand that every part of the food chain is important and some, but not most, understand that bees perform a task that vital to our survival.

Nous avons très peu d’information sur ce qui se passe. Certains apiculteurs rapportent que des millions de leurs abeilles meurent mystérieusement. Différentes pistes ont été évaluées mais rien de concluant n’a encore été trouvé. Les abeilles ont été affectés par des mites dans le passé mais ce que l’on rapporte ici est un taux de mortalité beaucoup plus élevé. Personne ne peut dire les conséquences de la disparition des abeilles sur l’agriculture…

[SfGate] While losses, particularly in overwintering, are a chronic condition, most beekeepers have learned to limit their losses by staying on top of new advice from entomologists. Unlike the more common problems, this new die-off has been virtually instantaneous throughout the country, not spreading at the slower pace of conventional classical disease.

Disappearing Honey Bees

Émission de radio:
During the first two hours of the program, investigative reporter and author Linda Moulton Howe gave an update on the disappearing honey bees and what may be the cause.

Linda said massive disappearances of honey bees have been reported in 25 states over the past six months. One beekeeper she spoke to said he has lost 96% of the 13,000 healthy, full hives he once had. So far, experts still do not know what’s causing the honey bee die-offs. Entomologist Dr. Diana Cox-Foster analyzed some honey bees from a deserted hive and found twice the usual amount of pathogens in them, Linda reported. This could imply that their immune systems have been seriously damaged by something in the environment, Linda suggested, leaving the honey bees more susceptible to disease.

According to her report, the rise of genetically modified crops and resulting herbicide-resistant weeds has led farmers to use increasing amounts of poison to deal with the problem. This accumulation of herbicides, fungicides and pesticides in the environment could be what’s to blame for the declining population of honey bees. The dramatic loss of honey bees and other pollinators across North America may also impact U.S. food production and force American dependence on other countries for food, Linda concluded. Read more at Earthfiles.com.

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